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So that’s it’s for another year, Senior camp is over, we have waved goodbye to Wellington and there were smiles all round despite many tired members and ponies. We welcomed the Chiddingfold Farmers again this year which worked well across the mixed groups. Nikki Kerr headed up a super team of instructors who brought new ideas for stable management and lesson structure. Rebecca Seers kept the horses and stables under control big thank you for her support and cheery attitude ! Sue has already mentioned many of our helpers, without these able hands none of this would happen. Again a big THANK YOU !

Camp was 3/4 days this year, with the the first day also a taster day for children thinking of coming next year. Each day, the groups had 2 or 3 riding sessions each, comprising of Flatwork, hacking, gallops, show jumping, arena XC and XC. Each group also had daily stable management sessions. The instructors were really imaginative with the sessions, challenging the children and really improving their riding, whilst making sure that lots of fun was had by all.

Wellington was a no parent zone and the children arrived at 8.30 each morning to muck out and groom their ponies and were then entirely responsible for looking after them during the course of the day, with Bec on hand and guiding when necessary. 

Camp is a team effort and we are very thankful to the many people who made it possible; Julie Campbell for negotiating with Wellingtonton make camp possible, Karen Sharp for coordinating all the paperwork, Nikki Kerr and all of the brilliant instructors, Jemma Byrne for running camp and of course Sue Sears, our DC for making it possible in the first place and supporting and encouraging throughout.

Away Camp 2021

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Home Camp 2021

After many months of planning, home camp 21 is over in a flash but wow, what a 3 days. Even the rain, thunderstorms and wind didn’t dampen the spirits of the 35 children aged 2-13. Home camp is all about having fun, making new friends and building confidence. After hearing the cheering, encouragement, clapping, smiles and personal achievements on competition day, I am confident it was mission complete.


Our fabulous instructors got the best out of everyone, managed the challenges and ensured ponies and children ended the week well.


We are so lucky to have such a great ‘home’ facility and thanks to Sue for organising and completing so many fantastic new improvements.


The day time saw flatwork, pole work, jumping, cross country, trec and mounted games but the fun and learning didn’t stop there. On Thursday evening some members played around the field whilst others spent time learning stable management and earning badges with Senior member Gemma Sinclair-Williams. After filling up on pizza, everyone headed home ready for day 2.


Friday saw a fabulous demonstration of Grand Prix dressage from former B&SC member Chloe Hill. The evening saw a demo of mounted games, followed by B&SC Olympics including on foot chase me Charlie, before a great lunging demonstration from Lauren Sinclair-Williams, followed by a BBQ. Thank you so much to the gamers, Philipa, Lauren and all of the parents who helped.


Well done to all of the winners of the individual events and combined awards rosettes. Camp is about much more than winning, so each year a member from each group is awarded the Piccolo cup for an outstanding achievement throughout the week. Well done to all of our winners, who get to keep their cup for the year.


Thank you so much to Pony Magazine for sponsoring the ‘Goodie bags’. We hope the children enjoy reading their magazines and please do support Pony magazine in the future.


The camp was only made possible by the fantastic support and efforts of many people. Thank you to each and every one of you. This years camp was once again headed up by Jemma Byrne who has lead the camp for the last 6 years. We are all so grateful for her dedication, organisation and good humour which has made camp an amazing experience for so many, over the years. This was Jemma’s last home camp but she has promised-to be on speed dial next year!


Away Camp 2020

Away camp 2020 has been a phenomenal success. Thanks to the massive organisational efforts of the team from B&SC and Chiddingfold Farmers, there was no stopping camp 2020. Arriving on the Friday morning with children and ponies, the stables were ready and the campers moved in. Parents were not allowed away from their lorries and trailers due to Covid, but that meant the children had to be totally responsible for  settling their ponies in and tacking up ready for the day, under the watchful eyes of the team.

3 packed days at Wellington gave the children plenty of opportunities for sessions of show jumping, gridwork, cross country, arena eventing, using the gallops, a group hack, stable management (and the instructors also managed to sneak in some flatwork!). 

The children went home for a  much needed good night’s sleep at the end of each day, leaving their ponies in peace for an also well deserved restful night.  

At the end of 3 days, the children and their ponies have learnt so much, and can’t wait for next year!


Home Camp 2020

30+ degree heat and a Global pandemic, did not burn out spirits of the 36 Children at home camp. Smiles, laughter and personal triumphs were in abundance. 

Thanks to Jemma Byrne, Sue Sears and everyone else who worked so hard to make this happen.

Home Camp looked a little different in 2020 but many of the children didn’t have time to notice much change. Social distancing was observed with all members assigned a group or pod, as normal, but this year the children were asked to mix only with those in their group. Groups parked together in a very organised way, and the children were kept busy with a combination of flatwork, show jumping, cross country, trec, stable management and rustic showjumping. Held during the heatwave of the summer,  the day started earlier and finished slightly earlier than it would normally but each day was full with a variety of activities. Parents had to stay away by the lorries and trailers which meant that the children learnt to become more independent and learnt how to manage their ponies on their own – a really worthwhile learning curve – the children all coped beautifully and made Sue a very proud DC (from a distance of course!). There were definitely a lot of positives to take forward to future camps and events. 

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