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Policies & Rules 2023

​The Aims of Bisley and Sandown Chase Branch of the Pony Club are to ensure that:

  • your child is safe

  • all our members and their families have fun and enjoy being part of our branch of the pony club

  • we offer a range of activities for all age and skill levels

  • we provide training that will help our members grow in ability and confidence

  • entry to competitions and teams includes as many of our members as possible

In order to achieve these aims, and that we have a supportive and friendly club, there are some policies and rules that the branch will be operating by.

These policies/rules will apply to all our members, and many are based on recommendations by our Area and National Headquarters.

Bisley & Sandown Chase Code of Conduct

For The Pony Club Managing Information Policy please refer to The National Pony Club Website

For the latest Health & Safety Dress & Tack Rules including Hat, Body Protector & Air Jacket Rules please refer to The Pony Club Website

Keeping you child safe

These policies are set out by Pony Club HQ, many of them are from government guidance and law.

All our instructors have had a Disclosure and Barring check (DBS), which is a Pony Club requirement.

They will also have had training on broader safeguarding issues and will have to keep updated.

We will also ask our regular parent helpers and First Aiders to undertake these. For camp helpers, safeguarding training will also be required.

We have a committee member who oversees this area of the Branch.
All our events require a Health and Safety Inspection and we have a committee member focusing on this too.

Both these officers follow the guidance set out in an annual publication from the Pony Club and further information is available on The National Pony Club website.


All of our instructors have appropriate training and have to demonstrate that their skills and qualifications are up to date.

We have an instructor on the committee who keeps track of this.
As part of their commitment to safety, instructors will not allow children to train above the ability that they see on the day of training.


An instructor has the final say on heights jumped, courses attempted, and this will be based on their assessment of the child and environment during that lesson.


Rudeness to instructors from adults and children will not be tolerated


The Pony Club’s insurance policies run from July 2018 to July 2019.

An Insurance Policy Summary and Key Facts sheet can be found on the Pony Club’s Members Insurance page.


We want the Branch to be friendly and supportive and would expect that parents/guardians and children behave appropriately.


The Branch will not tolerate any form of bullying, bad language or
aggressive behaviour towards other members/families, visitors or instructors.

It is an honour to represent the Branch in a team, and it is asked that once agreeing to compete you honour that commitment, follow the requested uniform guidelines and stay for prize giving.


Respect to other competitors and organisers of the events is expected and any reports of poor behaviour or sportsmanship, by either parents or children, will be taken very seriously.


The Branch will operate a zero tolerance policy to bullying.


The Pony Club has an alcohol and drugs policy and it is expected that the Branch comply with this.

Pony club coaches, officials and volunteers must not consume alcohol, or any illegal substance, when they are directly responsible for young people at any pony club event – riding or non-riding. This includes camp and away competitions.

No alcohol at any Pony Club Event may be consumed by anyone under 18 years old.


Stirrups should be of the correct size to suit the rider’s boots. They must have 7mm (¼”) clearance on either side of the boot. To find this measurement, tack checkers should move the foot across to one side of the stirrup, with the widest part of the foot on the tread. From the side of the boot to the edge of the stirrup should not be less than 14mm.

There are now many types of stirrups marketed as ‘safety stirrups’. All riders must ensure that their stirrups are suitable for the type of footwear they are wearing and the activities in which they are taking part and that the stirrup leathers are in good condition.

There are no prescribed weight limits on metal stirrups, however with the advent of stirrups of other materials, weight limits are seen to be given by manufacturers. Any person buying these stirrups, should take particular notice if weight limits are on the box or attached information leaflets. Neither the feet nor the stirrup leathers or irons, may be attached to the girth, or the feet attached to the stirrup irons. 

It is strongly recommended that the design of the stirrup chosen allows the foot to be released easily in the event of a rider fall. Specific rules for individual sports can be found in the respective sports rulebooks.

Particular focus should be on ensuring that the boot and stirrup are the correct size for the rider taking part and used in line with the manufacturer's guidance.

For the avoidance of doubt, at Pony Club events.

- stirrups which connect the boot and the stirrup magnetically are not allowed

- Interlocking boot soles and stirrup Treads are not allowed

Mounted Games:

Bostock & Free Jump stirrups are not allowed at Pony Club Mounted Games events.

Stirrups which include Metal/ Metal type treads, including but not limited to those with protruding spikes and / or perforated grip features are NOT Permitted. Examples being


Booking Events & Rallies

Bisley and Sandown Chase Pony Club now offer an electronic payment system via its website.

Payments for all activities should be made in advance via this system.


Once booked a refund cannot be made (unless vets or Doctors Certificate) orunless someone is available to take your place.


Obviously, if we cannot honour times, ability, we will reschedule or


It is important that before booking the times and your children’s ability is taken into account.

It is difficult for our instructors to teach sessions with a wide mixture of abilities, so wherever possible we will group members in ability levels.


Please book as early as possible to ensure we can book instructors and times as efficiently as possible

Competition & Entries

Please tell the B&SC team manager, or whoever has issued the invitation, as soon as possible if you want to take part in competitions.


Please follow their instructions for payment. When paying B&SC first please do this as soon as possible, to avoid team managers or other parents bearing the costs.


We would not expect members to withdraw from teams, but where this proves necessary, please inform the team manager asap so that a replacement can be found. No refund will be made unless a replacement can be found.


In the interests of the pony’s welfare we would recommend that the pony is only entered for two show jumping classes per show and on in eventing.


Signing up for training for tests means you have committed to paying for the whole course.

Attendance is vital to ensure your child gets the level of training they need to pass the test.

Concern re ability to sign up & pay for branch activities

We want all members to enjoy a wide range of activities that the Branch has to offer.


If you have concerns about ability to pay for branch activities, or your child has special needs, please do approach the D.C. to discuss and explore possible solutions.


It is important that parents read and keep up to date with emails from the Branch.


Membership renewal must be made by February in order to represent the Branch that year.

Team Selection

    Interbranch Competitions

We want as many members as possible to represent the Branch and we would encourage people to ride in a team rather than as individuals.


If we have too many, or not enough members to ride as a team, then we will suggest the member rides as an individual and run a reserve list.

Selection will be made as per the schedule for the competition, which may have particular members age, pony height, and experience criteria.


Please read the schedule before entering your child

Area Competitions

It is the rule of the Pony Club that any member riding in the Area Competitions must have attended three rallies on the horse/pony since July in the preceding year and at least one since 1st January.

Our Branch expects that members have attended one rally in the discipline in which they want to compete and that they have competed at that level prior to the selection date.

Mounted Games

Attendance at the Saturday afternoon training sessions held September –July is expected regularly.

The trainer can advise on the frequency required, particularly in relation to team groups and

Social Media

We currently operate a member only Facebook account. This site has posting veto by our DC and membership secretary.

When posting Branch news on a more public Facebook or other type of social media account please check if other parents and children over 13 years are happy to have their information shared more

Any group chats between B&SC members should not contain bad language, inappropriate comments or evidence of cyberbullying. Any evidence of this will be taken very seriously.

​How you can Help

Our Branch relies on volunteers.  All committee roles are unpaid and in addition to day jobs!! Our biggest supply of volunteers are you!


We need your help with general maintenance of the field, helping at events and jobs behind the scenes. Please do volunteer and bring your skills and enthusiasm to the Branch, no offer of help is too small!

We have an annual AGM, where our Treasurer presents her report, and future plans discussed.

We also have an annual awards ceremony to celebrate all our members achievements.

Please do contribute your ideas or any concerns about the Branch to our DC.

The club exists to benefit your children and we do hope that you and your children enjoy being members

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