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We regularly hold rallies at the Pony Club Field, the field is equipped with a full show jumping course and cross country course from mini jumps up to 90cm, we also hold home camp and several competitions at our field during the year.

During the summer months we have regular evening show jumping, cross country and flatwork rallies.

We also hold regular rallies for younger members. These rallies are for our members who are 9 years old or less, for those on lead rein, those just off the lead rein, those that need to gain confidence and for those who can ride.

New Rules for Rallies

  • Rallies will consist of groups of 4 children, a first aider and coach.

  • No parents will be allowed into the ring

  • All dogs on lead.

  • Park with at least another lorry space either side

  • Do not hug others and do maintain a 2 metre distance – for both adults and children!

  • Bring hand sanitizer and regularly clean hands

  • Do not share equipment

  • Only one parent to assist coach with putting poles up

  • Please ensure that children understand the rules

  • Do have fun and enjoy being back at PC!

B&SC Rules and Guidelines for Rallies

This proposal is based on; the Pony Club national guidelines listed at the end of this document, the size of our field, Barwell, Pony Grove and the ages/capabilities of our children.

All suggestions are based on the national directions that no more than 6 should socialise together from six individual households.

The Committee thank you for your support and compliance with the guidelines, we want everyone to enjoy their riding and to stay safe.


All rally groups are based on the national requirement that no more than six people from individual houses should meet up. Where possible 2m distancing should happen, and if this is not possible that 1+ should be met.

  • Maximum group size of 6 to include the instructor, and a first aider/support to the rally. The first aider also asked to help the coach with jump set up.

  • Instructors are not permitted to break the 2m guidelines unless concern for the horse or rider, then a mask and gloves to be worn.

  • If a rider needs assistance with re mounting, the person assisting should be wearing appropriate PPE, such as mask and gloves. The rider should turn their face away from this person in order to minimise droplet transmission.

  • Size of rallies to be based on capabilities and / or of riders and the level of support they will require


New classification for rally groups

Group A: For children under 9 years:
Based on gathering of 6:
The rally will be open to 2 children and a household member over 18 years will be allowed to accompany their child.
The household member will be expected to be responsible for helping with tack. The usual PC rules about following the instructors’ instructions remain in force.

Group B: For riders requiring additional help during the rally, i.e. new riders, and those with special needs
To be agreed with the branch secretary or instructor at booking.
The rally will be open to 2 riders and a household member over 18 years will be allowed to accompany their child.
The household member will be expected to be responsible for helping with tack. The usual PC rules about following the instructors’ instructions remain in force.

Group C: Other riders:
Group of 6 to include 4 riders, instructor and first aider/helper.
Riders will be responsible for their own tack, and household members are asked to check, their tack before rider is in the arena/ on the course
Instructors will check that they can manage their own tack at the commencement of the rally


All Groups:

  • One person over 18 from the same household to be transporting their child to training. This person can unload, assist tack up, rider getting onto the pony etc.

  • Ponies may share transport but any rider not in the same household should be transported separately.

  • Other siblings and family members that are not involved in the lesson should not attend.

  • When arriving for a rally attendees are asked to park with those in their rally, 5-10m apart

  • Parents/guardians not in the group of 6 should remain with their vehicle throughout the session, and if talking to other household members should maintain social distance.

  • Any dogs should remain on a lead at all times

  • Sanitise hands before getting out of your transport and do not touch others tack etc


General Health issues

  • Members and riders of the Pony Club should be aware of their own health and any symptoms of temperature, cough, change in sense of smell or taste they should not attend.

  • No one should attend if any members of their household have had any contacts with someone with symptoms of, who with someone has been tested positive for CV 19.

  • If members become tested positive following attendance at PC, they are asked to notify Sue Seers and to name PC within the contract tracing process.

  • Members and their household members will be expected to comply with these guidelines and are asked not to attend if they feel they are unable to.


If the rules are contravened, you will be gently reminded of these rules, if the same household is seen as not complying on another occasion, they will be asked not to attend another rally until the rules have changed.

Rally Training & Turnout


Here is the list for correct Rally and Training turnout (this applies to all training and rallies).  Please see individual rally time sheet for any specific dress code.


  • Hats: These need to be of the correct standard (see main Pony Club website) and be tagged. For cross country it has to be a skull cap with a black/navy/brown silk. It must have an aquamarine tag on.

  • Body protectors must be at least 2009 anything prior to that will not be allowed for xc

  • A Bisley sweatshirt or a long or short sleeved Bisley polo shirt (long sleeves for all  jumping) For some tests and some other events you might have to wear a blue or white collared shirt underneath with a Pony Club tie. (please check with the organiser) Your Pony Club badge must be attached with your most current felt attached according to the last test passed.

  • Jackets if needed due to weather needs to be a muted plain colour.

  • Jodhpurs must be plain and can be cream, beige, navy or black.

  • Boots plain black or brown, smooth, thin soled with similar coloured plain half chaps (unless long boots).

  • For cross country a body protector is mandatory, for anything else it is optional.

  • Long hair must be tied up and secured in a hairnet.

  • No Jewellery (inc earrings or any other piercings)

  • Gloves to be a dark colour


  • Well groomed

  • Clean well fitting tack

  • Black/brown/navy or white numnahs (no motifs other than Bisley and Sandown Chase)

  • Plain brow bands

  • White or dark coloured bandages or boots.

  • Stirrups must be the correct size to fit the riders boot and must have .75 ” or 7mm clearance on either side.

Some important information with regards to Pony Club Rules

Humane girths: are now completely banned in Pony Club, if you are not sure what these are please Google them, they are deemed unsafe, in that if one strap breaks there is nothing to hold the saddle in place.


Hats: New hat rules 2023.  No recording device is permitted (e.g. hat cameras) as they may have a negative effect on the performance of the hat in the event of a fall.  The fit of the hat and the adjustment of the harness are as crucial as the quality. Members are advised to try several makes to find the best fit.

The Aquamarine tag will be replaced with a new Pink Hat Tag. Please ensure your hat is checked and tag replaced with new Pink tag prior to any rally or competition.

Click here to see the Pony Club Hat Rules


Body Protectors: Body Protectors used for Cross Country and Pony Racing must meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard. This includes rallies, training and competitions and will now be part of the tack check.


Mounted Games: Boots must not have laces, Free Jump stirrups are not allowed.

Please check your body protectors are of the correct standard as BETA 2000 standard body protectors are no longer allowed.


These are not allowed to be used in any Pony Club discipline.


Spurs and Membership Cards

Please note that your membership card also doubles up as a Spurs Permission document. If you wish to wear spurs, you must have it signed by a Bisley & Sandown Chase instructor, unless you have passed your B Riding Test in which case it is not required. You do need to be assessed before your spurs card is signed, this normally takes place at working rallies, please indicate on your booking form that you would like an assessment so that the appropriate people are available.

Rally Venues & Directions

We have different venues for rallies:



Dunstall Green, Stonehill Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8HP


From M3 jct 3:
Take A322 to Woking.
At next roundabout take 1st turning signposted A319 to Chobham.
Take 1st exit on next roundabout, then turn right onto Chertsey Road A319.
Bear left onto Old Chertsey Road. The field is about a mile on the left.

From M25, Junction 11:
Take the A320 signposted Woking.
At roundabout turn left A320 to Woking, At next roundabout turn right onto A319 and IMMEDIATELY right onto Foxhills road.
At the T-junction turn left onto Stonehill Road. The Field is on the right hand side approximately 2 miles.



Mill House, Mill Lane, Byfleet Village, Surrey KT14 7RR

Sat navs do work and please read the rally list to ensure parking details for the day in question.



Virginia Cottage, Barwell Lane, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2LZ

Please note this yard is inside the low emission zone.

Pony Club Field
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