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Horse Passports & Vaccinations

It is a legal requirement to carry your passport when you are travelling your horse or pony. This means that whenever you travel to anything for the Pony Club you MUST have your horse / pony’s passport with you.

In line with this legal requirement, the Pony Club is also starting to ask to see passports at competitions. Certainly horse and pony passports will be checked at our area and regional Competitions.

Please make sure that your horse or pony is up-date with vaccinations and the passport duly completed, signed and stamped by a vet confirm the vaccinations have been given. At competitions The Pony Club is required to look at the whole passport and check each year from the beginning to ensure vaccinations have been given on the correct dates.

Equine flu

On arrival & before unloading, please present your horse’s passport for vaccination checks to our events office or reception desk.

It is strongly recommended that if vaccinations have not been made within the last 6 months, a booster is given but 7 clear days must be allowed before competing.  Rules for 2022 can be found here.

Different venues may have different rules, please check before you travel.


The ruling is:

The initial primary course of two injections are given with an interval of 21-92 days

The first booster (3rd injection) must be administered within 7 calendar months of the 2nd vaccination.

Subsequent boosters must be administered at a maximum of 12 month intervals, however for competitions at Area level and above, this booster must be received within 6 months + 21 days of the competition.

Horses may attend a competition 7 days after receiving the second vaccination.

Existing vaccinations will still be valid and primary courses made before 1st January 2022 will be permitted to have the longer interval of 92 days between the first and second vaccinations and the first booster an interval of 7 months.


Our Pony Club must ensure that all horses and ponies are up to date with their vaccinations. Please make sure that you carry your horse or pony’s passports so that we can check at any rally or training days.



As you will know the microchipping law came into effect in June 2018 to help tackle abuse and improve animal welfare. The law states that all equines will need to be microchipped by the dates indicated below, which varies slightly according to the location of the Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) to which your horse is registered.

England: 1 October 2020
Scotland: 28 March 2021
Wales: 12 February 2021

For more information please view the British Equestrian website

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