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Pony Club Tests

Pony Club tests are an excellent way for members to build not only on their riding but also to learn about stable management skills and how to safely and effectively look after their ponies. Most members who take the tests feel that they have benefited from taking part and feel that they want to carry on progressing.

The tests are structured in such a way that members take all of them, beginning at the lower end with the D test, but older members can be ‘fast tracked’ through. There are recommended minimum ages for each test and we have learned over the years that it is important to apply a fairly strict criteria for this to ensure that the children themselves are not disadvantaged through not being mature enough to answer questions they may not be quite ready for.


Training & Test Information

E Test (optional, younger members), both training and test

Mini Road rider and D Test (mini road rider must be taken prior to D test, minimum age 8 for D test).

D+ Test (minimum age 10)

Badge work and E, D and D+ tests will be under way again so watch this space for details coming up soon.


Road Rider Achievement Badge

This must be obtained prior to taking the C test (or members must hold the BHS Ride Safe test). 


C Test (minimum age 12).

C-test is aimed at our members aged 11+ years, who have already achieved their D+ test and Road Rider achievement badge or the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test. As previously stated members must hold all tests from D upwards including the Road Rider Achievement Badge or Ride Safe test.



Bisley and Sandown Chase usually holds training and tests for these in alternate years.

Also note that Area 13 also run training and tests, so please check their website for any dates.


B Test

If there are any members who are interested in being nominated to take their B test (either riding and/or stable management ) over the summer or October half term, please look on the Area 13 website or contact Karen Sinclair -Williams for the forms.


Ideally members will have undertaken the recent online B test training with Sarah MacDonald , or equivalent, but it is essential to note that this must be supplemented with practical training of an appropriate standard . Additional training sessions can be arranged if there is sufficient interest.


Please note minimum age 15, and members must have passed C+ by the date of the B test .


Achievement Badges

Achievement badge sessions are starting again. Everyone welcome but predominantly aimed at younger members. A great opportunity to come and meet others and learn about pony care. Please note, not everyone needs to bring a pony but at least two suitable ponies required overall for the group.

The Test Team


Sarah MacDonald

Tel: 07831 207421  Email:


Karen Sinclair Williams

Tel: 07802 766423   Email:

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