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!UPDATE: Equine Influenza Vaccine Shortage
Click here for full information:  The Pony Club supports the effort to alleviate pressure on vaccine supply and is in agreement with the approach for general leisure horses at lower risk to defer the annual booster injection from 12 months to 15 months in consultation with their vet. The vet should sign and date the passport appropriately. If the booster is deferred, the subsequent booster must be within 9 months in order to maintain the 2 injections within 2 years protocol.
The "within 6 months +21 days" has been temporarily suspended by BEF Member bodies, for The Pony Club, this requirement is for horses and ponies competing at the Spring Festival final and the summer Area competitions and Championships so is currently unaffected.
The shortage is likely to be for a few weeks this autumn.
Members who affiliate or compete with other organisations such as the BHA, Olympic disciplines or have international aspirations to compete under FEI rules are strongly advised to stay within the 12-month vaccination requirement or be at risk of restarting. The BEF is working closely with venues such as racecourses that are used by Members and will provide further information regarding their acceptance of the 15 month interval.
The BEF news item is available on their website here.
!  2022 PC Vaccination Rule

For the purposes of the 2022 season, If you are thinking of competing in ANY of the following, your pony’s booster vaccination MUST have been given within 6 months + 21 days of these competitions - and NOT within 7 days - or you will not be allowed to compete!
8th-10th April    Spring Festival Finals
22nd May    MG Prince Phillip Cup
26th June     80cm SJ Regional Qualifiers
3rd July    Area SJ Qualifiers
10th July    Area Dressage Qualifiers
16th/17th July    Area Eventing Qualifiers 
Any other PC competitions are the normal 12 months…
Any questions re the dates below, please contact any of the following:
Julie Campbell: 07971 960583
Sarah MacDonald: 07831 207421
Karen Sinclair-Williams: 07802 766423


Full PC Rulings can be found here

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New Hat rules 2023

No recording device is permitted (e.g. hat cameras) as they may have a negative effect on the performance of the hat in the event of a fall. 
The fit of the hat and the adjustment of the harness are as crucial as the quality. Members are advised to try several makes to find the best fit.

The Aquamarine tag will be replaced with a new Pink Hat Tag. Please ensure your hat is checked and tag replaced with new Pink tag prior to any rally or competition.

Click here to see the Pony Club Hat Rules

Massive Congratulations!

To everyone that passed their  D,D+, C+ tests over Easter

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Mounted Games Training

11th, 18th, 25th March & 1st April in preparation for Mid surrey friendly 

Senior Camp 2022 
It's a wrap! Check out all the fun and news from the senior camp on the What's New Page!

We Need Your Help!!!

There are lots of roles needed at any show/rally that we run including stewards, score collectors, fence judges, writers, tack checkers and many more!

Please, when you see a request for help come round, don’t assume that someone else will do it, or worry that you won’t know what to do – there is always someone on hand who can help – so PLEASE VOLUNTEER BY CLICKING HERE AND FILLING IN THE FORM

Huge Thank You!

CTimber Ltd

For supplying wood that we can use for making XC jumps


Member Discounts

Chobham Rider 10% just take along your membership card

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